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A Painting by tomaszalenkopera

Lovely, is it not?


The first blog post of the page!

Well, as a quick introduction, I am a young woman who has only just begun her journey through the ever fluctuating fortunes of life. I have been thrown into the murky depths of despair, where all hope has been lost, only to be propelled upward, to the ecstasy of the heavens; beginning the quest for knowledge.

With the tedious limitations of secondary education behind me, I feel as though there is much in this world to see, to experience, to feel, to love, to hate, to succeed at, or to fail at; I am mortified as well as I am intrigued.

Much has changed within me the last several years of my life and I am excited to share my own perspective as well as indulge in the anecdotes of others. If anything at all, I simply wish to document my thoughts, ideas, and revelations for the sole purpose of myself inevitably growing old and requiring something to reflect upon.

I look forward to sharing on this site!