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I will just delve right in. 

For a long and horrible time I have felt discontented with the space I have been living in. Trashy, arrogant, and quite uninteresting people litter the town I am grudgingly placed in and, frankly, I have had quite enough of it.

Thoughts and feelings, that were much to bizarre and sporadic for those who surrounded me, plagued my consciousness night and day. I longed to depart from this place; this place so full of uniformity and no definitive culture. Nothing which exists here is pleasing to me.

No, there is absolutely nothing at all.

There was a day not so long ago when I, while lying sick in bed with a hellish cold, began to daydream about the world beyond this small plot of insignificance; after all, the borders of our world do stretch very far and contain a vast verity of things. I mused over the sands of the deserts, the wide wash of the sea, the mountains of Thekkady, the farm lands of North Holland, and the heavy night air of Paris. My thoughts swung me in directions of art and music … there was so much to be done … so much to be seen!  

I concluded then that I was glad I would never belong here in this swamp full of dead ends …

I need to leave.



I found myself looking all over the globe in order to pin point my first destination. My keen curiosity for European literature, art, and ways of thought led me to determine that I must make one of these fine countries my new place of living for at least a short period of time. The thought of only a minor commute between some of the most beautiful cities I had ever read about tempted me as a siren tempts a sailor.

My lack of finances troubled me however. Europe is rather an expensive endeavour and, as I’m only just beginning my time in University, would not be the most realistic choice for me to make. How awful to have thoroughly entertained the ideal life only to have it torn away so quickly by one fundamental flaw! A problem which could only be solved by plenty of time and labour; time and labour which I wished not to toil over here …

However, there had been once place I overlooked … a place I’d never noticed nor been interested in before; and how unfortunate for me to have not done so before. My final inquiry led me to research Berlin, Germany. 

I was a first hesitant to look at the city but, by God, my preconceived notions were wrong. Apparently, Berlin is a popular spot for artist types, aspiring students, or those who happen to be low on funds at the present time. I started to look into the language as well … I happen to love the sound of it. Why, I believe I wouldn’t mind learning a new way of speaking and expressing myself. It is a challenge that seems enjoyable to me.

I’ve learned that Berlin is a lively city with beautiful architecture and thriving night life. In fact, most clubs will have a cover charge of only €5 to €15 – and they’re open all night long! Lovely for meeting crazy characters and interesting folk. Further, the rent for a one bedroom apartment – including utilities – within the city itself would not be  more than €1300 a month – which is significantly lower than living in Toronto or any other European capital city I assume – so … if I include clothing, food, internet, a cell phone, transportation … I believe it should come to nearly €3000 per month … and that’s not including health care or tuition fees …

Obviously I need to get my shit together before I try to do this.

I have been captivated by the idea of living in Europe and having access to such magical locations. I feel as though I need to escape from here and run off far, far away! So, I’ve decided to form a plan.

I must save up as much money as I can … perhaps if I am able to earn $10,000 each year as a student working part-time I will be able to retain enough throughout my under graduate program to afford Berlin! Also, if my performance in school allows, I could request a transfer … or perhaps even obtain a scholarship! This all is said in knowing that the going is not going to be easy and my dedication must never waver, not even slightly.

Going to Berlin with 30 grand in my pocket wouldn’t be impossible … would it?